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"So, what's in this for me?"

That may be what you're asking, or thinking at least in the back of your mind, and rightly so. After all, this appears to be a site for "Investors", a "Buyer want to be", or "Sellers" who need to move their house quickly.

As a Banker, Realtor or Mortgage Broker your job is usually straightforward.

Bankers, Loan Officers and Underwriters have rules, regulations and guidelines to follow for their programs and the borrowers either fit or not. How many times do you turn away a customer for a loan because there is nothing you have to offer them? Don't let high debt ratio's, slow payments, or LTV constraints stop you from helping your customer. There are members here that may have options available to customers with unique and less than optimal situations.

Mortgage Brokers, while less stringent still have some of the same problems as the Banks. Often you cannot get the borrowers qualified.

Realtors, how many times have you had a deal fall through because of financing, or inspection problems? Maybe a seller calls to inquire about listing with you and explains that due to unforeseen circumstances they really need to sell and they have unreasonable expectations.

What is the point? Simply this. Our site is an excellent resource for customers who need a second chance. As this site continues to develop we will be hosting areas for private lenders and note brokers in addition to investors. Not only will you be able to network here, but also you will be able to deliver to your customers a "Value Added Service" providing them with something you currently can't offer.

The private sector has so much available to the individual customers you are servicing right now, perhaps more than you ever imagined possible.

Imagine, as a banker the next time you have to reject a customer's loan and you can say, "I'm sorry we're unable to help you at this time, but I know where you can go for some help." Refer them to this site, give them your access number and not only will we pay you for the referral, but just imagine how thankful that customer will be for the help. Who is he going to business with when he gets back on his feet and needs a refinance? Who is he going to tell his friends to bank with?

The same holds true with Mortgage Brokers. When you cannot get the deal done, don't just throw away the lead and your chance to do business later on down the road.

And Realtors, what do you do with your soon to expire listings? You've shown the house, advertised, held open houses and still no sale. Your listing is about to expire and they are not going to renew with you. Why let it go after all of that work! With a little flexibility on your commission, some help from an investor (that we'll connect you with) why not inform the customer of alternative ways to sell their house? (Lease/Option, Contract for Deed, or any number of ways to move that house.) You don't even have to understand it, just make the referral. It may not be the ideal way to earn your fee, but it will be money you otherwise would have lost. What a service to the customer to be creative enough to come up with an alternative way to move their house and also be able to connect them with the people that will get it done for them for no fee, no hassle and no effort on their part. Just when they thought they were going to have to list with someone else, try selling it themselves, or worse yet, they thought they were going to have to become landlords. Even if they don't like the idea, we can pay you for the lead.


There are so many ways for us to service our customers, make a little money, and help each other and that's what this site is all about. We can't all be the banker, broker, realtor, or investor and we all can't have the best product at the right place and the right time. NOW, you have a tool to utilize in order to better service your clients when you might otherwise be unable to help them and, at the same time, continue to build your reputation as someone whom people will want to do business with.

So, lets network, sell some houses, make some deals, get the financing approved, create some notes, and service our customers. With the cumulative talent, ingenuity, and resources of all who participate here there is no reason why everybody can't have the house they deserve.

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