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Our own hybrid word consisting of neo (new) and demesne (extensive landed property retained by the owner for his own use). Or simply: New Domain

Pronunciation of demesne: di-'mAn, -'mEn; noun Middle English, from Anglo-French, modification of Old French demaine

Neodemesne, established in November, 2003 is the culmination of the united efforts of individuals with diverse backgrounds, brought together by a mutual interest in Real Estate Investment. We have combined our knowledge and talents to harness the power of the Internet with this state-of-the-art Real Estate portal.
The purpose of Neodemesne is straight-foward: to bring together the common denominators of a successful Real Estate transaction - The Seller, the Real Estate Investor and the final Buyer.

Is this a Realtors index?

While we don't make a strict distinction between Realtor and Real Estate Investor (REI), in terms of who may participate in this portal service, the impetus for the creation of  Neodemesne was to facilitate the process of  locating the all important actuated Seller. By and large, Realtors rely on conventional methods which utilize MLS and financial lenders to sell houses on a commission basis. Real Estate Investors, however, come in a variety of flavors, using an array of creative methods. REIs work primarily with those individuals who cannot, or are not willing to, place their house on the market and play the waiting game, which may involve many months, before finalizing the transaction and paying the inevitable thousands of dollars in Realtors commissions.

How does the NEODEMESNE portal work?

Neodemesne is a combination of elements: free search engine and paid inclusion index.

There are Real Estate Investors all over the country looking for motivated sellers, in their areas of operation, who don't have time to invest in listing their houses, for any number of reasons, and buyers in search of creative financing because of credit or cash flow problems. We provide a specialized search engine and database structure to bring them all together. It is another way of advertising and getting targeted leads, while at the same time being able to recoup the cost of advertising with us and even make a profit through our unique residual income program. How many ad agencies provide a means of being able to do that?

Our search engines are for the free use of Sellers and Buyers. By simply choosing their state from our drop down index, they will be immediately directed to information pertaining to the REI participant, who has paid a modest fee for inclusion in our database.

Why REI paid inclusion?

As we worked through the process of design and functionality we asked ourselves what is it we are attempting to achieve, who will benefit from our services, where the focus should be and what do we realistically expect to get from our efforts.

Our Mission: Simply stated, we are attempting to achieve results similar to those which we strive for in our own roles as REIs. We want to create a WIN-WIN-WIN situation, much as a successful Real Estate transaction does. The Seller, who, for one reason or another is often in a distressed position, is provided with a means toward the resolution of his/her problem. The Buyer that utilizes the services of a Real Estate Investor often does so because his/her financial and credit situation is such that conventional purchase is not an option. And, of course, the Real Estate Investor realizes a profit on his/her investment. WIN-WIN-WIN!

In addition to providing a means by which to bring these interested parties together, we are constantly striving to build a useful and convenient resource directory and a comprehensive array of tools in the form of relevant software, products and services for home owners, home buyers and investors alike.

As the creators and administrators of Neodemesne, we, of course, want to WIN as well! There are 'x' number of slices in every pie, and we would like a little piece, too. The question then became: from where or by what method do we accomplish this? Do we create a totally 'free' service, like the many so-called 'free' indexes on the Internet today, which are little more than glorified bill boards that draw hits to the web site to support pay-per-click programs and annoying pop-up windows? No! That was not the purpose or intent of Neodemesne! After all, the Neodemesne concept arose from our own needs as REIs to draw Sellers and Buyers to us, through a dynamic Internet presence. It quickly became obvious to us, that, although our respective Web Sites were globally visible on this huge digital presence we call the Internet, we could only make personal use of a small percentage of all that potential traffic. Realistically, how far from our own Farms can we travel and have our investments make fiscal sense? As REI associates, operating in two different states, the first logical conclusion was to share leads when one inadvertently made contact with prospective clients in the other's territory. It didn't take much of a Eureka! experience to see the obvious...not only were there 48 more states out there, but huge areas within our own states that we were never going to even attempt to harvest. Thus, Neodemesne was born. And, it was immediately apparent that the expense of running the portal be defrayed by the REI side of the equation, rather than by the Seller, Buyer or even a combination of the three. We know, as REIs, the value of qualified and targeted leads and are used to the idea of marketing to find those leads whether it be by flyers, letters, e-mail campaigns, bandit signs, print media, radio or TV advertisements. We now offer one more means toward successful Real Estate Investing. NEODEMESNE. Make it YOUR Real Estate Portal. And, that, my friends is the long answer to the short question: "Why REI paid inclusions?"

Sounds great! But what if I don't have a REI web site?

Happily enough, Web Design and Development is just one of the many arrows in our quiver! For a reasonable fee we will be delighted to bring you into the present with your own, custom designed Web Site. As much as we want your Web Design and Development business, we realize that there are so many more alternatives out there, much more so than when the Internet was young, and a lot of Do-It-Your-Selfer's want to have a hand in creating their own site. Therefore, rather than try to compete with all of those other companies we will be providing links in our resource pages and on our home page to a variety of flavors of Web Design packages. We are confident that you will find something to fill your needs, whether it is our own of design or one of the alternatives...whatever your requirements - at Neodemesne, in so many ways - We have a Place for You!

What else does Neodemesne offer?

We strive to bring you a wealth of products and services, including an , useful and relevant links, and reasonably priced Real Estate courses that are sure to benefit novice and experienced investors alike. So, whether you are a Seller, Buyer, or Real Estate Investing professional be sure to add us to your Favorites list and check back often!