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Hello, Folks!

After giving considerable thought to the name of this column, i.e. "Ask the Experts", "Question Corner", "Letters to the Editor", etcetera, etcetera, I decided on "Ask Bruce". Hey, I love to see my name in print.

Now, I don't want to create the impression that I have this big mail bag full of letters just begging for my esteemed opinion. Quite the contrary. In fact, the first post I will be placing here was actually an unsolicited response to someone I came across at another web site forum. I had started off with a brief response and got just a tad carried away. But, upon proof reading it before hitting that send button, I was struck by how relevant my unasked for advise sounded (to me, anyway) and the seed was planted for a new Neodemesne Resource. Yours Truly. Ask Bruce.

Do you have a question that you would like to ask?

I'm all ears! Ask Bruce!

[Q.] I am trying to buy a home, my credit scores aren't that high. Everytime my credit is checked it pulls my score down even lower. Can someone refer an agent who can help me purchase or lease purchase without a credit check and put a lein mortgage on the property (without paying down payment and closing cost.) Is this possible? - L____


Hi L____,

I saw your post and that another user had referred you on to us. The server, unfortunately is currently down for maintenance, but I wanted to take the opportunity to encourage you to visit us, perhaps you will find the site useful.

I also wanted to pass along a couple of links you might find of interest. It wouldn't be appropriate to post them on ____ forum, as they lead to his competition to some degree, though if I am not mistaken Mark is familiar with ____ and visa versa.

I would like to preface the links by saying, like you, I looked at the world with a consumer mentality, as most of us tend to do till it dawned on me that the only difference between myself and the so-called investors was in the way we approached the process of buying and/or selling property.

I started learning about RE investments in the mid '80's and started buying, rehabbing and selling multi-family houses in New England. I have since relocated to Florida and have turned my attention, for the present, to the technical development of RE resources.

But there are a lot of different approaches, which don't necessarily mean becoming a full-blown investor, but rather, learning to think like an investor, research like an investor and approach the market the way an investor would. I assume you are looking for a single family home and there are creative methods to go about obtaining them, for the purpose of resale or for your own use or both. The world of RE is fascinating and provides so many more options than the average consumer typically thinks about, which is why there are so many RE agents and brokers leading people who easily qualify along the conventional paths of MLS listing to lender to sale, leaving those of us with less than ideal credit (yes, I have been in that position) scratching our heads trying to figure out how we can get the house we want, too. RE Investors are a good alternative, but rather than simply point folks to Investors, when I get the chance I like to point out to people that they don't have to be anyone's pawn in the RE chess game. They have the option of empowering themselves, reaching out to the metaphorical board and moving the pieces themselves.

Anyway, that was a lot more long winded than I had intended, but I hope it is food for thought. The link I referred to is one of many resources that we post at our site, this one specifically about single family homes. It bears checking into. Click Single Family homes. If your mail program or browser doesn't respond to the link, look in the right-hand resource column on our site under Investor's Tools. Hopefully the site will be back up by the time you read this! I just started a forum of our own...not much action there yet but I would love for you to stop in and let me know how you are making out. Getting a bit of conversation going on the board would be helpful to me! Feel free to reply, as well.

Hope that helps.


Bruce Macomber

After the fact it occurred to me that there was another resource I could have passed along, with regard to the original question of buying houses without credit, that also fits into the spirit of the message I was trying to convey about self- empowerment. So without further ado, here is a link to . Enjoy!


*Reprinted from the board after receiving a direct query from poster via email.

*[Q.] Hi everyone,

I am in the middle of reading an e-book about TAX deduction for home based business. I would like to take advantage of this system. The book "It is how much you can keep, not how much you make that counts" provide an e-mail to get info about forming a home based business to take advantage of this tax deduction, I contacted this e-mail many times without any reply. I have the base for this home business, I have an office, advertisement, postage computer, printer and other expinses related to this home business. Of course, with the intent to make profit.

Can someone refere me to a website or an e-book that is easy to help in forming a home business so I can take advantage of this tax deduction at least for now, so by saving taxes I can focus on the business expenses?

Thanks a lot.


As you posted your question on a Real Estate Investors site, I will assume you have at least some interest in that area. These resources will give you some ideas that can be applied in other areas of interest as well.

First, I recommend that you read two of my articles and follow up on the links of interest you will find within them.

Does Your Site Sell? - don't worry if you don't have a site - if you are serious about a home business this is a must read and you will find lots of help to get you up and running.

Free Leads AND Money While You Sleep! - This article is specific to our own unique opportunity - if you read carefully you will see you don't need to be an active RE Investor to cash in on the residual income and marketable leads.

- lots of Investment methods as well as links to other types of businesses you can develop from home/office.

That should keep you busy for a while. If the links won't work from this email, they can be found at

Questions? Feel free...that's why we're here!



Bruce Macomber


[Q.] Hey I emailed you yesterday about putting this on Ray Como's board. I jumped on board to get some feedback. You said you haven't really received any. Ray is a full time investor in Pittsburgh, he sells courses and gets thousands for speaking engagements. He is as big time as it gets in the CRE world. Anyway I pasted it below. He did say it looks interesting, That's good. - D_______


The site looks interesting....but also confusing. I cannot tell (at a glance) what [the site] is trying to accomplish. I felt I had to read every link to find out. I read the "inclusion" page and was more confused (the confused mind always says no.) You must register to do and or view almost everything which new visitors don't like. And finally, the name, Neodemesne. I can hardly pronounce it and do not know what it means.

Sorry, this is this King's first impression.

Raymond Charles, I


[A.] D_______,

Ouch. Yes, he did say it was interesting...

First, let me thank you for seeking out some meaningful feedback and presenting it to me. One of the toughest parts of Web Design is the ability to look at one's own work objectively.

Ray, thanks much for taking the time to look at the site and provide some painfully honest feedback.

Let me see if I can clarify matters a bit, last point first.

And finally, the name, Neodemesne. I can hardly pronounce it and do not know what it means.

I agree, it is a bit unusual, a bit cumbersome, but, like the Neodemesne Concept, it is unique and distinctive, and in the long run will turn out to be memorable. The Internet is flooded with thousands of variations trying to get 'Real Estate' included in the name somewhere, and the urls are getting longer and more convoluted: ~ ~ an extreme example, I know.

Neo - is a common prefix. It means 'New'. Demesne is part of the English vocabulary, meaning 'extensive landed property retained by the owner for his own use'.

As to the pronunciation, its pretty easy, once you know how: Nee - O - De - Main.

I cannot tell (at a glance) what [the site] is trying to accomplish. I felt I had to read every link to find out.

On most websites there is usually a Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) page. Generally, that is a good place to find informative content about a web site. Our site is no exception. At the top of the page we have a bold header stating: New to Neodemesne? Read this! which provides a pretty good clue to the new visitor to our site as to the best way to proceed, as does our very descriptive Site Map.

I am well aware, as a Marketing Executive, of the rule of KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) and the surfing practices of the general public, who click into a site looking for immediate answers. The answers are all here, but, like anything else worth pursuing in life, they may require just a little work to find and read. As a consumer, I find my intelligence repeatedly insulted by the Marketing methods perpetrated upon the public as if we are a bunch of mindless sheep, or greyhounds chasing a 'bunny rabbit' down the track. The visitor's we are seeking to attract to our site are neither Simple nor Stupid and possess enough interest and drive to read our inner content.

You must register to do and or view almost everything which new visitors don't like.

This is simply NOT true. All the content of our site is freely available to the unregistered visitor. Registration is only required to partake of the paid inclusion and residual income program which is clearly described within our site.

In short, our main page is our front door. Come on inside and look around. You will find we truly do have a place for YOU!




OK, I took a look at your web site and read the material. I don't get it. I make money by buying and selling houses.

If I lock in a state, and I get buyer and seller leads from that state:

1. Am I the exclusive recipient of those leads?

2. If someone else locks in a zip code, do they get leads as well or instead of me?

3. I have paid for the leads, but the only way I make money is if I can put together a home sale from the leads, right?

4. Once I lock in a state, anyone after me can pay for the state as well, or a county and I get 10% of their fee, but who gets the leads?



Hi T___,

Good questions. I'll address them in order.

1. Am I the exclusive recipient of those leads?

Yes. You would be the exclusive recipient for leads in each zip code you "own".

2. If someone else locks in a zip code, do they get leads as well or instead of me?

They would get leads, exclusively, for the zip code(s) they own. Each zip code can only have one owner.

3. I have paid for the leads, but the only way I make money is if I can put together a home sale from the leads, right?

Apart from the residual income aspect of our program, yes . I don't know how your web service works, perhaps you don't pay anything if you don't close on the leads they generate? But, if you do close, they take a fairly good bite? Out of every deal? I imagine you could end up paying far more over the course of a year than any of our fees (which have a built in method to return even that small cost as well as generate a form of passive income).

Now would be a good time to touch on your question from your previous email:
Buyers and Sellers already come to my web site for just that purpose. What makes you think I need to pay you for help?

I presume (because I never assume) that, in addition to your web service referrals, you utilize some other forms of marketing. Newspapers, flyers, bandit signs, business cards, etc. Certainly, that is a cost that is paid whether the leads they bring to you close or not. With no possibility to recoup the expense. But they constitute marketing methods in addition to relying solely on being found through your web service. A quver full of arrows is a good thing. We offer you another arrow, straight and true.

4. Once I lock in a state, anyone after me can pay for the state as well, or a county and I get 10% of their fee, but who gets the leads?

There are three lock-in levels and each only gets sold once, and includes one zip code. The leads, as you now know, are assigned on a zip code basis:

    • State gets 10% of subsequent county and zip membership fees, within the state.
    • County gets 10% of subsequent zip membership fees, within the county.
    • Zip Code gets $5.00 for every new membership referral, anywhere in the United States.

Should the unthinkable happen and an area totally fizzles, producing no leads, the owner keeps the membership, at no new annual fee. Even if they had recouped their fee through passive income. Its the least we can do. We can't guarantee that leads come in, no one can, but we can and do treat folks fairly. Have no fear!

I hope I have answered your questions to your satisfaction. If not, keep 'em coming!




Hypothetically, If I were to buy my state for $299, a one time fee, and other people bought the desirable zip codes in the Metro area they would get the leads that are most valuable rather than me. I would get leads from zip codes where I have no knowledge of the market and that I don't care about.

What is the advantage of that to me other than the residual income aspect which is a small factor compared to doing the real estate deals from the leads?




Hi, again, T___ ,

Assuming that you did come in at State level, you would have the opportunity to choose whatever zip code you want. If you wanted multiple zip codes, you could get each additional for 10% off, because you 'own' the state and a piece of all the membership action, including your own.

***Side Note***
You and I both know that the true Investors who are turning houses for a $20K profit are not going to be concerned about the residual income.

Admittedly, it is a marketing tactic aimed primarily at the newer Investors who, perhaps, aren't as committed and to whom "money while you sleep" sounds like a good thing. And it can be a good thing. There is nothing wrong with ending up with anywhere from free membership to a profit via passive income. Between our guarantee and passive income the fear of *p_ing* away the cost of membership is removed.

The most beneficial aspect of the residual income program is that it provides a built in incentive for participants to tell other people about our program, and to encourage their participation. Word of mouth is a powerful form of advertising.

There is no requirement to shell out $299.00 for the state. Or even $99.00 for a county. Just choose an initial zip code for $29.00 and get $5.00 off all other zips of interest to you after that. Button up the territory that works for you.

The passive income incentive at the zip level isn't bad either. $5.00 per referral. If you have investor friends in other parts of the state or country send them our way and we'll give you $5.00 for everyone that signs up. We just have to know you sent them. Granted, $5.00 here and there won't make you rich, but if I saw $5 bills blowing down Main St., I would bend over and pick them up. Wouldn't you? Heck, someone could make a career just out of finding folks for the thousands of zip codes all over the country and getting them to sign up! And we hope they do!

When we were first considering creating a RE Portal we didn't want to create a clone of all the other ones out there. There would be no point. We wanted a unique approach and I think we have found one. Even the odd name was intentional. Everyone else is 'real estate' this or that. Neodemesne stands out from the crowd, and through bookmarking and url histories most people won't have to worry about getting the spelling right to find us again.

Is it possible that no buyers or sellers will ever submit to your chosen zip code? Sure it is. But there is also every possibility that folks who you would not have encountered will find you through our site. And we make your risk as minimal as possible.

I hope that helps clarify further and, regardless of whether you lock-in at any level, please join in on the . I am sure you have a lot to contribute and, who knows, you might just pick up an idea or two.

Don't be a stranger.



Picked up on your website and reviews of A.D. Kellser, et. al. - -

Thanks for all that - -

Now, I bought Sheets a LONG time ago, and other books, naturally - had some modest successes and one big blow up that sent me into chapt 7 (DeFacto Eminent Domain!) on my 5th house. - right after I lost my job to out-sourcing!

Still reeling from bankrutcy, I'm looking for a genuine successful investor who is interested in HIRING an apprentice. I figure if I can find a mentor / guru / entrpreneur who has the success related resources and the confidence to HIRE a trainee I'll get a REAL 'hands on' pro who knows what he (she?) is doing. Besides, I no longer have the financial (or emotional?) resources to strike out on my own again (Strike Out? BAD choice of words!)

If you know anybody would would be interested in hiring a $2,000 a month base under commisision apprentice (terms and conditions negotiable) I'd very much appreciate it if you could make introductions.



Salt Lake City, UT 84111



Hi J___,

Utah, eh? Right in the heart of some of the biggest guru bs slingers, aren't you? :-)

Can't say that I know anyone looking for an apprentice.

My best advice is to go to your local rei clubs (the real ones, not the infomercial guys) and re auctions and start networking. There really is money to be made by flipping deals to other investors.

There is one 'mentor' who you may want to talk to. Brian Gibbons at . He makes his money off the back end of deals he walks you through. It used to be $99.00 to get involved with him. That may have increased, I'm not sure and he may not have any openings, but he has some good ideas I'm sure he will share with you.

Also, register at our forum (its free) and start networking. We have some great posts there. Search out those by Dan Auito, especially.

Sorry to hear of your setbacks. Been there, done that, have the t-shirt.

Keep the faith, brother. All things work together for the good. Its just hard to see it some times.

Don't be a stranger!


Bruce Macomber




Sent: Friday, July 02, 2004 3:05 AM

Subject: Looking for a Mentor

My name is J____ and I am new to the industry. i have read books on top of books, but they all seem to have the same thing within the pages(a whole lot of nothing). I am looking for a mentor in real estate,Can you mentor me, or at least recommend me to an honest person who is genuine about helping people and not wanting to snatch their money and run. I know that may be hard, but there has to be someone out there. I am 25 years old, just had my first child, and I want to be in a situation where by the time he is 5 his education and everything else is set. I know that takes hard work, If all it took to be come wealthy was hard work I would be getting pretty close. Any help you can offer will be much appreciated. I saw you post on the note lounge about and I am checking it out, but I was wondering if you had any other suggestions?

thank you


Columbus, Ohio



Hi J____,

Off hand, I don't know anyone in your area.

But let me ask you this...what can you do with a mentor, that you cannot do without one?

Sure, going off on your own, you might end up 'leaving some money on the table' that a more experienced investor would have picked up on.

On the other hand, unless you are lucky enough to find a volunteer (slim chance), you are going to be giving away a chunk of change to your mentor.

Perhaps its a confidence issue. Sometimes its tough to take the first steps into unfamiliar territory.

Networking is the key, my friend.

Step 1: Register at our , read through the posts and start asking questions.

Step 2: Find REI Clubs in your area and attend regularly. Meet people. Ask questions. Get involved.

Here is a to help you on your way. Many of the results are web sites containing other information, free articles, forums, courses (free, inexpensive and hype - choose carefully), in addition to REI Club directories.

One that I recognize is Jeff has a decent course, as well as networking and club links. Check it out.

Step 3: Start putting together a network of professionals - legal, financial, and commercial.

Step 4: Make yourself known - YOU BUY HOUSES - CASH - FAST CLOSINGS
Yeah, I know, you don't have cash for houses...that's where networking comes in, once again.
If you have read 'tons of books', you have heard of 'flipping'. Those investors you meet at your club and online will be happy to pick up on a deal you have structured where you can all make some money.

Do you have the time to read one more book? Here is a gift for you.

Don't be a stranger!


Bruce Macomber



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