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Are you tired of the same old Real Estate Guru "Listen to me and I'll teach you all the secrets of Real Estate Investing that will make you rich beyond your wildest dreams" BS that is being   from every infomercial and Real Estate web site in creation? For more information about Brisbane Property Valuers, visit:

Well, if you're not, YOU SHOULD BE!

Hi. I'm Bruce Macomber, and I'm mad as hell. Why? Because, I could be one rich S.O.B. if ONLY I could bring myself to throw away everything I have learned about honest and ethical conduct and jump on the GURU bandwagon and soak every poor sap who comes down the pike out of their hard earned money from property valuations adelaide.

And it would be so easy! That old adage, "There's a sucker born every minute", often attributed to P.T. Barnum, is apparently TRUE judging by the testimonies of so many people that have spent thousands of dollars at a whack on boot camps and seminars held by GURUs and their happy band of minions that seem bent on embracing W.C. Field's philosophy of "Never give a sucker an even break".

And the new suckers don't seem willing or able to learn from the mistakes made by their sucker predecessors! They flock to these silver tongued liars and throw their money at them. Usually the soon-to-be-shorn respond to a "FREE" offer of a short seminar and walk right into a well rehearsed sales pitch all wrapped together property valuation melbourne with an Anthony Robbins' style motivational riff that works so well on the ungrounded masses that seem to need to be told "Dare to succeed" over and over like a mantra.

By the end of the event the hapless and unwary have been convinced they can't possibly succeed in Real Estate without all their real estate courses, books, videos, tapes, seminars and boot camps so these starry-eyed souls whip out their check books and credit cards and the GURUs skip off to the bank, laughing all the way .... with YOUR money!

Am I going to spend time critiquing and unveiling these guys? Nope. That's been done elsewhere. But among the materials and courses you WON'T find for sale on this site are those by:

Robert G. Allen ~ Claude Diamond ~ A.D. Kessler ~ Robert Kiyosaki ~ Ron LeGrand ~ Carleton H. Sheets ~ Russ Whitney and a host of others that have managed to convince those independent property valuations sydney aspiring to achieve great wealth that they alone hold the key to success and are willing to share it for mere thousands of dollars.

What you WILL find at Neodemesne is a site folks can turn to for honest answers and resources and a sense of community and networking that doesn't necessarily have to benefit our own bottom line.

This site is a great resource for aspiring investors who are looking for honest treatment and are fed up with the empty promises of so-called REI Gurus.

And it is a great resource for home buyers and home sellers to search for Real Estate Investors who use creative approaches in the purchase and sale of Real Estate.

In addition to an ever growing list of low and reasonably priced Real Estate Investing courses and our own discussion forum, we offer you the Neodemesne Concept.

Simply stated the Neodemesne Concept combines a free search engine for Sellers and Buyers with a Paid Inclusion Program for Real Estate Investors (REI) and other business-minded individuals.

  • Free search engine - Sellers and Buyers may submit an information form to our database of participating investors, providing details of the property they wish to sell or buy. Fast access to investors with no obligation. No registration required. Submit our Seller or Buyer Information Form and learn how to qualify for $500.00 cash back!

  • Real Estate Investors Paid Inclusion Program: FREE LEADS and CASH INCOME
    You can't miss with our "No Fear Factor Guarantee"

    Easy as 1, 2, 3:

    1.) Read the Details

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         Ask Questions
    2.) Register

    3.) Get Included

    Make your prospecting easier by focusing on Sellers and Buyers that are specifically searching for the services you offer! Our proprietary database is updated every day with fresh, hot leads for you.

  • Tons of Resources and advice for our Members and Guests.

  • Discussion forum - Visit our discussion forum, start new topics, network with other Investors, Sellers and Buyers. Requires Forum Registration ( not to be confused with Neodemesne Membership - a separate process )

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